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We help brands
imagine and build
inspiring futures.

We are hands-on brand
strategy specialists.

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Vision Strategy

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Field Strategy


One micro-multinational specializing
in brand strategy

We're not a marketing research firm, and we're not an ad agency; we're a micro-multinational that specializes in brand strategy. What we do is interpret the results from your research firm so we can align your ad agency with the brand strategy that we've worked out for you. We make it our business to be plugged into and on top of what's happening out in the real world today. This is what hands-on brand strategy is all about.

Us Strategic

Two creative analytical brains for hire

The very first thing you need to do is define your brand strategy, BEFORE you even think about going into the branding, brand image and communication phase(website, brochures and all the rest). This means you need help from people who know how to make haste slowly … which is something we do very well indeed. Tap into the creative energy generated by constructive confrontation between Michel Nadeau, the short guy with his ear to the ground, and Jevto Dedijer, the tall guy with his eye on the big picture.

The urgency of taking one's time



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